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BRANDON-NEW-PHOTO"The Journey" was developed by Brandon Bays, as the gift of her own healing journey.

It is a process that takes you deep into the core of your being and with the gentle guidance of the facilitator, you will uncover specific old cell memories, resolve them completely and clear them out.


Your body and being then goes about the process of healing, naturally on its own, allowing you to open up to your true essence, your unlimited potential, the Freedom, the Joy, that lies deep inside all of us.


We all have various issues that keep us trapped or limited ; we feel blocked in different ways by fear, depression, anger, grief, hurt ,ect... we may suffer from addictions or a severe illness.


"The Journey" offers the possibility to heal and become whole, and free of old emotional or physical blocks.

By tapping into your true essence, the truth of who you are, you are ready to begin living your life as the expression of the boundless Joy, Peace, Wholeness.