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testimonialspic"Satya’s exquisite sensitivity combined with her depth and breadth of experience in Journey work makes her a sublime therapist. I feel blessed every time I visit Australia to experience her divinely inspired touch’’.
Brandon Bays

(author of the international bestseller "The Journey")

"Thank you so much Satya. Having tried many different therapies and types of treatment, over 30 years, it is amazing to finally feel free.
And I know now, that there is a process and a therapist that I can trust.
I would recommend this therapy to anyone, even in conjunction with other treatments."
Kate C.(medical doctor) Gold Coast
"For 20 years, I have been seeking a way to resolve old childhood memories, I suspected these were the forces behind my life being in constant struggle. Over the years, no practitioner has been able to close in on my core issues. Satya's knowledge and experience, combined with 'the Journey' process has given me real and lasting results effortlessly, at last"
Peter Campbell(engineer, Futures Trader) age 60
"Satya is one of our favourite massage therapist in the world. She has the golden touch"
Miten and Deva Premal(internationally acclaimed musicians)
"I can only recommend the experience of your 'Journey-massage' to anyone. I can remember my first session with you as if it was yesterday, and the most amazing is that the feelings and sensations have stayed with me ever since.
Your ability to guide and elicit sensations at specific points of the Journey process have allowed me to open doorways and re-access long forgotten pockets of memories and images I was carrying in my body. I particularly trust your intuitive reading of body reactions and your hands-on guidance. The healing I am benefiting from it is continuing its effect. Thank you so much."
Chris L.(consultant) Sydney
"The 'Journey -Massage' [also called 'Touch of the Divine'] Weekend was fantastic. Satya like Brandon, has a way of really teaching from the inside out. By the end of the course, not just my mind, but my whole body knew what to do! This weekend is most beautiful and I am deeply grateful’’.
Yollana Shore(Journey facilitator)
"Satya was very present and supportive during my 'Journey Massage' process. She has the amazing ability to facilitate deep emotional release with the intuitive touch of her hands. I felt very safe.... safe to explore emotions that were hidden deeply within my body."
Vanessa(graphic designer)