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Journey Massage

touch-of-divine_w220 With 20 years of far reaching multidisciplinary professional training and extensive healing experience with hundreds of clients, Satya has created and developed a bridge between ''The Journey'' and other modalities since 2002. She teaches 'Journey-massage' as a weekend event called 'Touch of the Divine' to Journey practitioners in Australia and in Europe since 2002.


A 'Journey-massage'  is a deeply healing process that works on all levels, as it combines 'hands-on' healing with the liberating work of 'The Journey'.


You are guided on a Journey inside your body whilst applying an intuitive healing touch that will help you unlock and get to the root of a physical or emotional issue that no longer serves you.

It will help you resolve and let go of long-standing emotional blocks, recurring physical issues or other challenges such as addictions and unhealthy behaviors. 

You will leave with a deep sense of peace, lightness and liberation.

 It is specific to each individual and the session may take 2 to 4 hours.



 A 'Journey-massage' is a 'designer Journey process' with healing hands -on.


 Satya's conscious and present touch encourages and supports the body's own healing.


 The combination of healing 'hands-on' together with "The Journey", allows a profound emotional and physical healing.


Satya's  intuitive touch combined with her breadth of bodywork experience, encourages the body to let go of old blocks while being present and talking the person through 'the Journey' process.